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What is Seed Keyword ? How do I find seed keywords for SEO ?

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Understanding the significance of seed keywords is curcial. Seed keywords, often one or two-word search terms, serve as the cornerstone of keyword research, enabling you to uncover a goldmine of valuable keyword insights. In this article, we’ll explore what seed keywords are, why they are crucial, and how to discover them effectively. To illustrate the concept, let’s consider an online sneaker store, and replace laptops with sneakers as our example.

What Are Seed Keywords?

Seed keywords are the foundational stones of keyword research. These short-tail keywords are typically high in search volume and are often associated with fierce competition. In the context of our sneaker store, seed keywords could include terms such as “sneakers,” “athletic shoes,” and “footwear.”


Why Are Seed Keywords Important?

Seed keywords play a pivotal role in keyword research as they can serve as a springboard to generate a multitude of other keyword ideas. By starting with well-chosen seed keywords, you can unlock a treasure trove of keyword variations, questions, long-tail keywords, and related phrases. For instance, based on our “sneakers” seed keyword, you could explore topics like:

Questions: “What are the best sneakers for running?”
Long-Tail Keywords: “Top sneakers for marathon runners”
Matching Phrases: “Affordable Nike sneakers”
Related Keywords: “Adidas sports shoes” or “sneaker stores near me”
By meticulously compiling a list of relevant seed keywords for your sneaker website or project, you can begin to identify subtopics and construct valuable topic clusters.


How to Discover Seed Keywords

Use Common Sense

Initiate your seed keyword quest by employing common sense. Think about terms that directly relate to your sneaker brand and core offerings. Consider what solutions or answers your potential customers may be searching for.


Leverage Google’s Insights

If your aim is to rank on Google, it’s wise to harness Google’s vast database for seed keyword research. Begin by searching for one of your existing seed keywords, such as “sneakers,” and pay particular attention to two key sections on the search results page:

People Also Ask (PAA) Box:

This feature, typically positioned near the top of the search results, displays a series of questions related to your search. Clicking on these questions reveals answers sourced from various websites, complete with links to the original sources. This is a treasure trove of ideas for alternative seed keywords. For instance, a search for “running shoes” might lead you to “trail running sneakers” as an alternative seed keyword.


Related Searches

At the bottom of the search engine results page (SERPs), Google provides a list of searches related to your query. This section can yield valuable insights for additional seed keywords that could enrich your content and attract more traffic.

related search to find seed keyword


Explore Online Communities

Delve into industry-specific forums, communities, and Q&A websites related to sneakers like subreddit, quora, etc. These platforms offer invaluable insights into how people converse about sneakers, what questions they have, and which keywords are trending within the sneaker community.